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Colorful Rainbow Paper Scratch Art Paper

Colorful Rainbow Paper Scratch Art Paper

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This is not your average black paper notebook. Once you write on it, multicolor appears! Perfect notebook for your kids and to make their imagination alive and active!


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  • With the scratch tool, kids can create scratch art on the art paper
  • Black coating is scratched away with the included wooden tool to reveal rainbow or glittery silver backing
  • With the different coatings and backings, kids can explore a variety of effects with their scratch art as they remove the coatings to create their drawing
  • Also can be used to create your design
  • Working with scratch board means taking away to create a drawing instead of adding ink or pencil
  • The scratched-off coating tends to roll up in crumbs, so it's best to put newspaper down before starting or to work on a surface that can be cleaned or swept easily


  • Material: Paper
  • Type: Scraping Painting
  • Age Range: 6 years old and up
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Classification: Paint Learning Notebook/Coloring Notebook
  • Size: 20*14 cm

Available in blue color cover only.

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