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CLEAR™ Moles and Tags Removal

CLEAR™ Moles and Tags Removal

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100% Natural, Simple and Effective CLEAR™ Moles and Tags Removal!!!



Skin tags and moles are both types of skin growths. A skin tag is a small, soft balloon-shaped benign skin growth connected to the skin by a thin stalk. A mole is a skin growth that develops from clusters of pigment cells (melanocytes). Other than that, there are many more skin lesions. In facts, moles or tags grow due to the factors that are from genetic or cause by environment. It is really irritating to had any of it on part of our skin. Do not worry, we had figure out a fine solution which can eliminate all this problem.




Introducing CLEAR™, the moles and tags removalCLEAR™ is a herbal treatment serum that is formulated to remove all unwanted skin flaws. This serum contain advance bend of concentrated natural ingredients that is effective in removing tags and moles without any pain and side effects. It is very safe to use and simple to apply. Beside that, it even suitable for all skin type(body to feet). It is fast acting because it is guaranteed to have skin tags and moles fall off naturally within 7-10 day. With having CLEAR™ with us, we can be more confident with our skin. Lets get rid of moles and tags forever with better and safe treatment.




  • Remove all sort of skin flaws (moles,tags,warts,skin marks,spots,freckles and etc)
  • Convenient to carry
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Fast visible results
  • Guarantee safe and painless to used

How to use:



1) Open the lid, hold and press the top handle to absorb the concentrated liquid.

2) Carefully apply a droplet or more on the surface of the skin (moles,tags,etc)

3) Gently rub around skin area with hands.

4) Wait for few minutes and ready for great visible result.



  • Item type: Natural Herbal Treatment Serum
  • Ingredients: Sophora Flavescens, Cortex Pseudolaricis, Folium Isatidis and Mentol
  • Product parameter: 9.5x2.8cm
  • Function: Remove moles,tags,warts,skin marks,spots,freckles and etc
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Package includes:

  • Organic Skin Tag Remover Serum (20ml)
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