Car Tire Puncture Tubeless Repair Kit

Car Tire Puncture Tubeless Repair Kit

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Never Worry About A Flat Tire Again, Fix It In 2 Minutes!

This portable Tire Repair Kit is a multi-functional repair kit that enables you to repair tires like a professional.

With the portable repair kit, you can quickly and conveniently fix the punctures yourself. The strong adhesive repair strips vulcanize automatically after being inserted. Perfectly integrates into the tire. Perfect for multi-functional use, including tubeless tire of cars, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, trucks and more.


  • Brand new and high quality. 
  • It is a puncture repair kit for tubeless tyre. 
  • If you go out by cycle, scooter, motorbike or car, you can't afford to leave home without it
  • This kit will let you repair the puncture quickly and effectively. 
  • It is essential for vehicles with tubeless tyres. 
  • Remove the object that caused tyre puncture. 
  • Insert the rasp into the hole, push and pull the rasp to roughen and clean the edges
  • Coat the needle with the rubber cement, and spread the cement on the hole.


  • Material: Steel
  • Rasper tool allows hole widening and cleaning 
  • Needle tool allows tyre rubber strip insertion 
  • Includes 5 rubber strips 
  • Useful tool to keep in the car with spare wheel


  1. Circle the puncture area and pull out the puncture.
  2. Explore the direction of puncture penetration with the patch probe, insert the pump along the direction of puncture to remove dust and debris inside the puncture.
  3. Cut one end of the rubber strip into an inclined mouth and insert it into the hole at the front of the needle inserting tool, so that the length of the rubber strip at both ends of the hole is basically the same.
  4. Insert the pin with rubber strip into the tire along the hole, and ensure the length of the pin is 2/3 (it must be determined that the cold rubber strip penetrates the tire body to avoid sliding out after inflation), and remove the pin after rotating the pin 360 degrees.
  5. The remaining tire rubber strip outside the tire shall be cut off with the remaining 5mm length of the tread.


  • 1 x bottle of special glue 
  • 5 x rubber strip
  • 1 x drill bit 
  • 1 x thread bit
  • 30 Strips (Optional)
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