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Bottleloft - Magnetic Bottle Hanger

Bottleloft - Magnetic Bottle Hanger

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Make Bottles Levitate & Free Up Shelf Space!

The world’s first magnetic bottle hanger for your refrigerator. Free up some space and make your refrigerator cooler!

The magnetic bottle hangers can hold your beer bottles, jars, cans and any container with a metal lid or top.

Easy to install, simply peel and stick to your refrigerator ceiling.

The heavy duty plastic strip is suitable for a fridge, cabinet or shelf in any room in house.


Convenient: You won't have to reach through a crowded fridge to get to your favorite beverage!

Simple: Application to any surface is easy and durable!

Sleek: Give your kitchen a more streamlined look!

Versatile: Between saving fridge space and de-cluttering your cupboards, these magnets hold tons of potential use!

Unique: Friends and family alike will be sure to comment!


Material: Plastic

Type: Bar accessories

Feature: Ecological

Bar Accessories Type: 3 Magnetic Bottle Hanger Holder Beer Loft Magnet

Package Include:

6 Pcs  x Magnetic Bottle Hanger

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