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Body & Neck Cooling Band

Body & Neck Cooling Band

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Ready for the hot summer? :Simply Wet It, Slip It & Feel Cool!

This one of a kind product helps naturally cool your body, especially in hot season. As your body overheats it generates perspiration that evaporates with air movement, naturally cooling your body temperature. 

As your body heats up, a special heat wicking fabric inside 31 superconductive fins draws heat away from the body, replacing it with a refreshing coolness. Lowering your body temperature so you stay cooler anytime.


  • Wet it, slip it on, and feel cool
  • No fans, batteries or refrigeration
  • Can be worn while performing activities, relaxing or sleeping
  • Dry, odorless, natural filling uniformly releases maximum cold for 60 minutes
  • Delivering exceptionally comfortable cooling when applied directly to bare skin


  • Color: Blue 
  • Maximum cold for 60 minutes
  • Made of soft, Flexy cooling rubber technology

Package Included:

  • 1 x Body Cooling Band

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