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Beautifying Temporary Hair Dye Comb

Beautifying Temporary Hair Dye Comb

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Vibrant color hair dyes are now a trend and people are on a fuss constantly getting their hair done. But the procedure can be life threatening! Bleaching and dying can damage your hair and the chemicals used can be harmful to your health! But worry no more! With this Beautifying Temporary Hair Dye Comb you can now achieve that colorful rainbow look without compromising your hair and your pocket!

Our Beautifying Temporary Hair Dye Combs are easy to color, easy to clean, and are non-toxic. Will wash out with water. Our special hand-held design helps to keep the dye in your hair and not on your clothes and hands. Uniform depth and three-dimensional coloring reduces damage to the hair, and protects in the hair dyeing process because YOU deserve beautiful hair!



  • 100% brand new and high quality. 
  • Easy to color, easy to clean, no wet hair, you can comb light color.
  • Special hand-held design, to avoid the process of hair dye to hand and awkward clothes.
  • More convenient and comfortable so you can easily enjoy temporary hair coloring products give you the beauty and joy.
  • Comes with comb, solve the ordinary hair products market, uneven color, easy caking problem hurt hair.
  • Water-soluble hair cream, bright colors.



  • Net weight: 8g
  • Use for: hair dye
  • Size: 10*3*1.5cm
  • Package size: 15*10.2*1.6CM

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