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BB Exfoliation Brush - Younger & Smoother Brush

BB Exfoliation Brush - Younger & Smoother Brush

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Younger, smoother skin is only a brush away!

Whether it’s wading through hours of never-ending traffic or just having a nice quiet stroll in the park, our skin is exposed to all kinds of stressors. Despite all the skin care products we apply, our skin still looks exhausted and worn out. And the problem often lies deep within.

The BB Exfoliation Brush exfoliates and cleanses your skin of dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, softer, younger you! It is designed with all-natural Tampico plant fibers to gently but effectively sweep away dry skin. You can also swap the brush for a pore cleansing facial brush or a pedi disc. The BB Exfoliator Brush also tightens skin to prevent premature aging!


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  • The brush fibers are made of natural Tampico plant fibers
  • Spins at 80 rpm to swiftly sweep off dead, dry skin
  • Gently exfoliates and improves blood circulation
  • Interchangeable with the pore cleansing facial brush and pedi disc

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