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Aqua Dog Portable Water Bottle

Aqua Dog Portable Water Bottle

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It's a must for long walks with your dog during summer.

Dogs love road trips and long walks. You need Aqua Dog the portable automatic water mug that's always handy! Simply fill the Aqua Dog container before your trip. When your dog is thirsty, squeeze to fill the attached bowl and watch as he/she easily drinks! Just release the water to drain the water back into the bottle. No mess, no spills! Aqua Dog is great for dogs of all sizes and ages. It's always handy, instantly fills, and now your precious pooch doesn't need to share a bowl with other dogs.


  • Lightweight bottle easily for outdoor use. 
  • One squeeze & easy access bowl fills with water.
  • Belt loop attachment great for hikes.
  • Holds 18 oz. of water and Is completely portable.
  • Easily fills and drains so your dog so it could drink water in a hygiene way. 





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