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Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner (15 pcs)

Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner (15 pcs)

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Disease experts claim that, in half a year of usage, the household washing machine’s bacteria gets over the standard rate by as high as 81.3%, including: The average detection rate of mold is 60.2% The average detection rate of total coliforms is as high as 100% Among them, other pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa are also detected.

This Washing Machine Cleaner kills by 99% the above-mentioned bacteria and other pathogensin 20 minutes time, with a dilution ratio of 1:100 of product to water.

It works by penetrating, dissolving and removing residues, mold and bacteria to keep them from causing laundry problems down the road. Say goodbye to unseen germs on your freshly cleaned clothes!


  • POWERFUL DECONTAMINATION CLEANER: The tablet is smaller and thinner, more powerful to penetrate, dissolve and break up odor-causing residues and bacteria, compared to other washing machine cleaners
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ANTIBACTERIAL: This Washing Machine Cleaner kills 99% of bacteria and other pathogens in 20 minutes time, with a dilution ratio of 1:100 of product to water, effectively clean the harmful and stagnant dirt even if it is invisible, keeping your washing machine cleaner and fresher.

  • SAFE FOR ALL WASHERS: Suitable for metal/plastic front load washing machine OR top load washing machine, high efficiency (HE) and conventional washers. When your washer is clean, your detergent can work better and your clothes looking like new and smelling great.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Empty your washer, place 1 tablet and set 'clean washer' cycle, wipe away residues, no need to disassemble the washing machine, you can get a clean washer and enjoy a healthier life.


  1. Put one piece of Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner into the empty machine machine.
  2. Input water and allow rotation for 15 minutes, switch off and allow to settle for 3 hours (water temperature is ideal to be initially at 40 degrees Celsius). Switch on and spin in normal mode.
  3. Drain the water out of the tub.


  • Material: Chemical Reagent
  • Size/pc: 2.6CM × 2.6CM × 2.6CM


  • 15 pcs x Antibacterial Washing Machine Cleaner


  1. Always remove items from washer as soon as the cycle ends.
  2. After washer cycle is complete, leave door open to allow better ventilation.
  3. Use only HE compatible detergents in HE washers.
  4. Leave the dispenser drawer open at the end of washer use.
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