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Anti-Skid Aqua Socks

Anti-Skid Aqua Socks

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Enjoy Waterplay To Your Heart's Pocket In Our Newest, Smartest Swim Socks!

Lightweight, portable, durable and versatile, these aqua socks redefine comfort for use on your waterfront activities or walks along the beach.

Unlike traditional bulky water shoes, these stretchable swim socks are made out of soft, quick-dry spandex that fits snugly against your feet and breathes like a second skin to prevent feeling waterlogged.

Our aqua socks have thick, bumpy soles for a solid no-slip grip and a reinforced patch in the heel for insulation and protection. They come in fashionable designs to match your style, and our strong craftsmanship will defend your feet from potential injuries.


  • 92% polyester+8% spandex, quick dry
  • EXTRA COMFORT & PROTECTION: Your day at the beach or pool will extra pleasant when you are wearing water socks. They will protect your feet against sand, cold or hot water, UV rays, rocks/pebbles and more.
  • BREATHABLE, NEVER WATERLOGGED: Our high-tech aqua socks dry out in a flash and allow your feet to breathe without getting weighed-down or soggy thanks to our revolutionary quick-dry upper and mesh insole.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOR A SLEEKER YOU: Our aqua socks slip on in an instant and fit snugly against your feet like a second skin for an extra layer of warmth in the water without becoming bulky.
  • EASY FIT FOOTWEAR: The flexible [neoprene] material allows you to slip on the water socks with great ease. They will also adapt to the shape of your feet as regular socks do.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: The non-slip sole and breathable material makes these water socks ideal footwear for activities such as swimming, beach volleyball, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, yoga, walking, etc.


  • Style: Casual shoes
  • Applicable To: Men and wowen skin shoes swimming / diving shoes
  • Material: Upper diving material soles diving material
  • Color: Neon green, black & acid blue
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • S: sole length 215-220mm, feet around 200-205mm
  • M: sole length 225-230mm, feet around 210-215mm
  • L: sole length 235-240mm, feet around 220-225mm
  • XL: sole length 245-255mm, feet around 230-240mm

Package Includes:

  • 1pair x Shoes


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