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Anti Bark Device

Anti Bark Device

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Does Your Pups Barking NON-STOP?

With the Dog Training Device, you can train your pet to be obedient, corrects misbehavior and stops barking.
The trainer is based on the theory that ultrasound (more than 20KHZ) is above the upper limit of human hearing and super ultrasonic and 2800mcd strong white light.
It can activate visual and additive activation to dogs, cats and other animals, but there will be no effects on people.
Harmless and humane ultrasonic to deter dogs from annoying and aggressive behaviors 
Portable and lightweight handheld device
Able to work up to 50 feet
Material: PP
Color: Yellow 
Frequency: 25 KHz
Sound Pressure: 130dB
Max Current: 130 mA
Powered By: 9V battery(not included)
Size: 13 x 4 x 2.6cm
Net Weight: 97g
Package Weight: 107g
How It Works:

Put the ultrasonic power in your hands! !

With a simple push of a button, the ultrasonic sound is emitted and captures your dog’s attention. !
The distracting sound diverts your dog’s attention to help eliminate barking or correct any bad behavior. !
While your dog is in the act of unwanted barking, jumping, stealing food, or chewing quickly press the Bark Genie activation button. !

You may immediately use a verbal command like ‘no’, ‘quiet’ or ‘off’ to help train your dog to stop the bad behavior. !

Remember, it is important to praise and reward your furry friend immediately after they stop the bad behavior! !
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