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Aluminium Welding Rod

Aluminium Welding Rod

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A MUST-HAVE Accessory In The Toolkit. The Simplest Way To Weld Aluminum Parts!

All you need is a propane torch, and some simple Aluminum Welding Rods.

No fluxes and no fumes are required (however, you can use some flux if you feel it will do a better job).

Makes a sound joint, stronger than the parent metal, and can join thin and thick parts together.

Its corrosion resistance is excellent and has minimal or no distortion to the parent material.

Fast, simple and cheap.


The Easy Welding Rods are high-quality special Aluminum-alloy rods used to weld/braze primarily Aluminum and Aluminum alloys but can be used to braze any other non-ferrous materials except for stainless steel.

Recommended for welding or brazing aluminum alloy.

Applications include truck beds, loading ramps, docks, diamond plate, irrigation piping, engine blocks, transmission housing, etc

Meant for small repairs, for any repairs that would cause endangerment of safety if not fixed, we recommend to completely replace instead of repairing your parts.


Material: Aluminum-magnesium

Diameter: 1.6mm (50cm long)

Melting temperature: < 400°C

Application: Aluminum and aluminium alloy welding/brazing

No emitting of gases or toxins, No Lead content included. 

Excellent corrosion resistance.

Minimize parent material distortion during welding.

Package Include:

10/30 PCS x Aluminium Welding Rods

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