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Adjustable Constricting Wrench

Adjustable Constricting Wrench

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No grip and handles to loosen or tighten objects? No need to worry! This amazing Adjustable Constricting Wrench can do it easily.

The Adjustable Constricting Wrench is made of rubber strap that can easily tighten or loosen items that don't have any handle or grips to hold on. Works great in opening hard to open jars, tank covers, tightening bulbs, loosening tubes and just basically every handiwork.

Just strap around the area or the on cover and adjust the belt accordingly. As easy as that and you don't have to worry anymore about doing the task.


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  • Material: Rubber
  • System: Metric system
  • Item Total Length (Approximate) Weight (Approximate)
  • 6 inches a 230mm / 9.06 "139g
  • 8 inches a 300mm / 11.81 "284g
  • 2 stks (6 plus 8 inches) 423g
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