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AB Stimulator Pro V2.0

AB Stimulator Pro V2.0

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The advanced EMS technology, the Six Pack AB Stimulator works by electrically stimulating your abdominal muscles. Allowing you to tone your abdominal muscles without working out or lifting a finger. It's portable and easily hidden under clothes so you can work out on the go, no matter how busy you are. Two set of packages of your own choice for ABS here !

  • Exercise Muscles - Exercise abdominal muscles, arm muscles, waist muscles, leg muscles and other parts, up to muscle shaping effect. Such as six muscle belly, mermaid line and so on.

  • Muscle Strength - Muscle in a period of time for high-intensity training, arm strength, leg strength and waist strength will gradually decline, the use of fitness can maintain muscle activity

  • Portable & Reusable - Lightweight that you will not feel it even your clothes is on while using it. 

The fastest way to the abdominal muscles you've always wanted.

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