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7 In 1 Light Bulb Adapter

7 In 1 Light Bulb Adapter

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7 Bulbs In One Socket. Less Watt, More Brighter!

This Light Bulb Adapter can hold between 7 lightbulbs at once to provide greater illumination in dark spaces, where a single bulb can't seem to be be able to provide sufficient light for the space!

It is super simple to install and is perfect for garages, workstations or large areas such as the living room or conference rooms.

Simply twist the device into the existing socket, secure the bulbs and it's good to go, we love how fuss-free it is!

This product allows you to use 7 E27 (Edison Light) bulbs in a single lamp socket leading to very high level of illumination.

Also allows to be used as a lamp socket fitting extender or adapter or holder.

A must have for anybody who needs to convert a dull and gloomy place into a place shining with light and brightness. It can used in the house or other special occasion.


7 Bulbs installed in 1 single socket at the same time,light bulb adapter socket,bulb socket adapter,

E27 Base convert your single E27 base to four easy to use.

Operated with 7 day-light studio light bulbs.

Perfect for photographic use and home lighting.

Idea for more lights for photo or video.


Size: 23.5*23.5*13.5cm

Nominal Voltage: 220V

Color: White

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