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5 Second Fix Liquid-Plastic Welding Tool

5 Second Fix Liquid-Plastic Welding Tool

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Fast & Strong! Create An Everlasting Bond In Just 5 Seconds!

Fix, fill, repair, and seal virtually anything in 5 seconds or less with 5 Second Fix. It is a super-powered liquid plastic welding compound that you can use to quickly and easily make permanent seals and repairs.
Unlike glue and common adhesives 5 Second Fix lets you position and re-position until you want to make the weld permanent, then just apply the UV light. 

Brand new and high quality.
Quickly fix, repair, fill in and seal damaged plastic, metal, wood, glass, and more. 
Can be used for toy, cable, pipe, jewelry repairing, sealing, filling, etc.
Convenient and easy to operate: just sizing and raying, and all is settled.
Not glue but special liquid-plastic which bonds and then cures only when exposed to
UV light, so you can position and reposition your repair.
Water-resistant, heat-resistant.
Lightweight and small in size, convenient to use.
Material: ABS
Battery: 2 * CR1620 3V 70mAh Button Cell (Included)
Product Weight: 62 grams
Product Specifications: Length 14cm
Magic 2 minutes universal glue
Million magic for 2 minutes. The does not hurt the skin. 
Package Included:
1 x 5 Second Fix
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