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40Pcs Slimming Traditional Chinese Medicine Patch

40Pcs Slimming Traditional Chinese Medicine Patch

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40Pcs Slimming Traditional Chinese Medicine Patch is for someone who wants to have a slim figure. It can help the body and the stomach to eliminate residual waste, reduce the burden.

With mint, resin, phytoncide, natural sulfur powder, natural essential oils and other non-toxic material, without any side effects, is the most secure rapid slimming good helper.



  • Natural herbal ingredients - contains various herbal essences which naturally activate metabolism and elimination of qi
  • Navel access - perfect location for unclosed meridians and collaterals on stomach and intestine for fat-burning according to acupuncture principles
  • Transdermal technology - a slow-release process lending magnetic energy to increase effectiveness of absorbing fats and releasing toxins
  • Improve fitness & appearance - lose weight, slim down, and increase energy levels
  • No side effects - safely tested with ease of use


  • Weight: Approx 75g
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