3D Breath Cover(Set of 5)
3D Breath Cover(Set of 5)
3D Breath Cover(Set of 5)
3D Breath Cover(Set of 5)
3D Breath Cover(Set of 5)
3D Breath Cover(Set of 5)

3D Breath Cover(Set of 5)

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Strong Protection with Comfortable Breathing 3D BREATH COVER



During this summer season, wearing a mask for a long time is very hot and difficult to breath. Beside that, mask also can cause us to sweat a lot on the face area. Even it's can effect people who wear glasses hard to see. This happened because of the exhale air went above the nose crimp. It's also make women make-up stain stick on the mask when they wear for long period. So how do we avoid this problem as we still needed the mask on?



Introducing the 3D BREATH COVER which helps in smoothing the breaths. The bracket can separate our mouth and mask fabric by giving space between each other. With this we can feel easy and comfortable to breath even though with a mask on. In fact, the support frame can reduce friction frequency between mask and face to protect mask lining from being stained. So, women don't need to worry their make-up worn off while wearing mask. 

This Breath cover was designed with concept of three-dimensional support. It was made according to the curve of a human face which can create a strong fit around our face. It is suitable for all face shapes. Aside from that, this breath cover can avoid fogging for people who wear glasses. Furthermore, it's material was made from Food grade silicone rubber and it is safe to used. Not only that, it can be wash or reuse whenever we need it.




  • Avoid face skin contact with mask: The breath bracket can protect our face from touching the mask.
  • Smoother breath: The three-dimensional ventilation design give more space for us to breath.
  • Safe & Reusable: Made from Food Grade Silicone material that is safe and can be clean anytime.
  • Glass-wearing comfort: It will not get foggy on glass because of the scientific 3D stereo bracket design.
  • Suitable all face shapes: The ergonomic design provide perfect fits to any face shapes. It is unisex product and suitable for adult and children.

How to use:


  1.  Align the breath cover on the crease of the face mask.
  2. Insert the breath cover into the mask crease and make sure it fit in well.
  3. Slowly adjust the crease of the mask and the cover together.
  4. Hold the cover and mask to place it carefully on the face.


  • Item type: Breath cover bracket
  • Size: 10 x 8.5cm
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Color: clear
  • Quantity: 5pcs




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