Car rearview mirror smart phone bracket

360 Rotatable° Car rearview mirror smart phone bracket. Look at the navigation without bowing your head.

Don't look down at the navigation

360 degrees rotating head and 180 degrees rotating body car phone holders can provide you with the best viewing angle to ensure safe driving. You can place your phone in any direction (horizontal, vertical, etc.) for the best driving experience.

Product Detail

Rotation Design, Adapt to various
Area type can be extended and shortened, suitable for various occasions
Thickened silicone clip arm, multi-leg fixation
Overall round non-angular design thickened foam arm lock
Universal roller design, all angles can be reached immediately

What people love about Car rearview mirror smart phone bracket

Car rearview mirror smart phone bracket

No More Looking Down at Navigation

The phone stands is mounted on the car's rearview mirror and levels with it to keep your eyes on the road.

Car rearview mirror smart phone bracket


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$45.99 $22.99


Does the product block my sight?

No, it had 360 degree rotation, you can adjust any angle you want.

Will my phone drop when driving?

No, 4 claws are stable, firm and unshakable

Is it suit for all type of phone?


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