• Great for sensitive irritated skin!!

    Seriously the best mask I have ever used! I have hypersensitive dry/combo dry skin. My only oiliness is right around my nose, where my pores tend to get congested. [Read more]

  • It’s actually works

    Very happy with the condition of my skin. My uneven areas have begun to fade and my overall complexion glows. I use this twice a day and a little vitamin E for added moisturising. Give it time the results are amazing. [Read more.]

  • GOOOD Quality

    We have gone through so many car phone mounts for our truck, but this has been the best! It is very secure, holds the phone tight - we took a 30-hour drive to AZ with our phone mounted and it never once fell out. [Read more.]

  • Works great!

    This product actually worked and I was able to remove a couple of skin tags! It took a couple of tries for me to master getting the rubber bands on correctly. Overall, I was extremely pleased to find an at home product that works! [Read more.]

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